Amuitz, the mythical island

Amuitz Island is located at Cape Higer, near the lighthouse. It has a small surface area, the largest parts are 150×70 meters in size and the maximum height is 10 meters above sea level. As the old legends say, in Roman times there were fig trees on the island, the fauna that can be found on the island itself varies from lizards, field rats and sea birds, like the european shag, the dartford warbler and the yellow-legged gull.

The old fishermen of Hondarribia used to call part of the island “Amuko” at the tip of a stone and also “Xaxiarri”, which can be found there. As a result of the bad weather in winter, as it was impossible to go out to sea, the families were looking for their daily bread both on the island of Amuitz and along the coast of Jaizkibel.

They used “Agaya” a cane that was completed in two parts and was used to catch fish such as sarpa, cairn, sea bass, sea bream and various fish.


In AMUITZ Nautical Experiences we are in favor of sustainable fishing, the same as in Hondarribia our Fishermen have employed and continue to use generation after generation. Because it doesn’t matter only here and now, we must take care of the marine ecosystem, because that is what the next generations will inherit.

The Big waves give you smiles,
the Little ones, miles, miles, …

A life marked by the Sea

« I am descendant of the Fishemen Brotherhood of Hondarribia, grandson and son of fishemen. I have been linked since my childhood to the sea and to the fishing activity of my town and his community. My passion and respect for the sea have led me to connect again with the Ocean, this time through the sport with a purpose of health and well being. Arroja!! »

Manex Martínez Larrarte

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