HONDARRIBIA, Gipuzkoa. Basque Country

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The bend formed by the Bay of Biscay, between the Cantabria and Basque-French coasts, protects the region of Bidasoa, formed by the towns of Irun and Hondarribia, which offer in a small territory the opportunity to explore in depth the identity and traditions of the Basque Country, combined with a magniicent landscape at foot of the Pyrenees.

Bathed by the mouth of the Bidasoa River, which in acting as a frontier line has illed both towns with transcendental historic events still present in its monuments, the region combines, as few places in Europe do, the mature lavour of the ancient customs with the comforts offered  by modern technology, so it enjoys a high quality of life.

This way, the sea and the mountains enclose a privileged and quiet area, where nature, history and gastronomy join in harmony to be part of a complete commercial  and business selection, which, thanks to its excellent communications, allow the visitor to travel to San Sebastian, Pamplona, Biarritz or Bilbao in a few minutes.

HONDARRIBIA is a place to leave stress behind and let time go by while on a terrace at the Plaza de Armas, in the historical centre of town, or in San Pedro street, in the Marina quarter. It is a pleasure to observe the atmosphere on the street as one sample some pintxos or feels the warm sun rays that light the town.

The sea, the main actor

Hondarribia is a town with a fishing tradition, and in which this sector still occupies an important part of the daily routine, along with the family-type agriculture. This is  shown in the town’s gastronomic  ofer,  which is sample and varied. In 1361, the “Cofradía de Mareantes  de San Pedro” (Fishermen Association of San Pedro) is born, although there was plenty of fishing activity in the town. The first historical data shows the fishermen as pioneers in the art of whale hunting. This has been relected in the lives of our fishermen. Nowadays, the customs and traditions are maintained in all the celebrations.

The streets of San Pedro, Santiago and Santa María Magdalena conserve many typical fishermen houses, of great beauty. The Marina quarter has been declared a Historic and Artistic Monument. The Hermandad de Pescadores (Brotherhood of Fishermen), old headquarters for the Fishermen Association of San Pedro, is located on Zuloaga street.

The Big waves give you smiles,
the Little ones, miles, miles, …

A life marked by the Sea

« I am descendant of the Fishemen Brotherhood of Hondarribia, grandson and son of fishemen. I have been linked since my childhood to the sea and to the fishing activity of my town and his community. My passion and respect for the sea have led me to connect again with the Ocean, this time through the sport with a purpose of health and well being. Arroja!! »

Manex Martínez Larrarte

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